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Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome you to read our Frequently Asked Questions at Rawhide Ranch! Below, please also find our Registration and Liability Forms available for download.

2017 Rawhide Ranch Forms

Hard Hat Waiver

Holler Hoppin' Zip Lines Waiver

Release of Liability


I have read that check in is between 3 and 5pm, does that mean I have to be there between those times?            
     No, we have after hours check-in procedures in place if you are not able to make it before the office closes. We do request that you let us know if you’ll be arriving after hours so that we can put those in place for you. We will strive to have your room ready by 3 pm.

What happens to your overnight reservations if it rains?            
     We are unable to control the weather and will operate like a hotel regarding reservations. We do not refund or allow last minute changes due to the weather. We will then go by our cancellation policy.

Is the Buck Inn climate controlled?          
     Yes, the Buck Inn is heated and air conditioned according to the season.

Do you provide the linens?          
     Rooms in the Buck Inn, Brouse House and Ranch House are similar to a hotel.  Each has a separate bathroom, and we provide the bed and bath linens. 

Do you have daily housekeeping?          
     No, we clean before and after your visit, unless it is an extended stay, then we will tidy up your room upon request. If you require fresh linens in the ranch house, we provide a washer, dryer and supplies, you may take care of your own linens. Buck Inn guests need to have their bath linens outside their door by 11 am if they require fresh linens.

I have a family of 7 can I put an extra person in my room?
     Due to our zoning and occupancy codes, we can only allow the amount of people the room is designed to hold.

How does the common area work?           
     The common area of the Buck Inn is like the lobby of a hotel. All guests have equal rights to the center and all guests should keep in mind that they need to share, unless you have rented the entire Buck Inn and the whole place is yours.  We appreciate your respect and courtesy for other guests.

Do you allow smoking?           
     We do not allow any smoking in our buildings, but outside is perfectly fine and not a problem.  We do ask that if members of your group smoke, that care and consideration is used in disposing of smoking materials after finished. This is important to the maintenance of our property and the safety of all our guests.

Do you have televisions in your rooms?           
     No, we do not have any televisions in our facility. 

Do you have cabins?           
     We have two cabins; The Ranch House and The Brouse House. The rest of our lodging is in the Buck Inn or our Tipi Village. Take a look at our lodging pages.


Do you provide food?          
     Yes! The Banded Rooster is our dining hall located on the first floor of the Buck Inn. Please follow this link for more information. 

Are there cooking facilities in the Buck Inn?           
     In the common areas there are two microwaves and two refrigerators. These are for common use and guests should keep in mind that their fellow guests need fridge space too. 

Are there grills on the property?           
     We have charcoal grills for you to use. If it is a busy weekend, you may have to share or take turns using the grills. We only supply the grill, so you would need to bring all other supplies; charcoal, grilling utensils, lighter and such.

Where is the closest restaurant or grocery store?            
     We are located 3 miles from downtown Nashville, Indiana. You will find a grocery store and plenty of eateries located a short drive away. Most of our guests make reservations for breakfast and lunch on the ranch. 

Can I cook on the campfires provided?           
     Most definitely. You are welcome to bring supplies for whatever you like to cook over the fire. 

Can I cook in the Buck Inn if I bring equipment?           
     No, we are unable to allow guests to bring any kind of cooking device. One reason is for safety, due to fire hazard, and another is the smell factor. If a customer cooks something in the common area of the Buck Inn everyone will smell it. What smells good to you may not smell pleasing to another.  We appreciate your consideration of others.

Can people who are not ranch guests ride?           
     Yes, absolutely!  We are a public trail riding facility that offers a 45 minute guided ride through our 54 acres of land to everyone.

Do you provide the horses?           
     Yes, we do.

Do you do anything more than walking on your trail rides?            
     No. We treat our horses as if an eight year old will ride them on the very next ride. We keep our horses even tempered and relaxed, which creates a safer environment for first time riders or those who have not ridden in a while.

Are your horses gentle?          
     Our horses are very gentle, but keep in mind that they are a large animal. We follow strict safety rules that allow our guests to enjoy these beautiful animals while remaining as safe as possible.  

When do you ride?           
     The horse operation is open year round. There are three things that do prevent us from riding. Those are lightning, ice and severe cold. If you make reservations to ride and it begins to rain, do not assume that we know you are not coming. We would require a call to let us know you decided to not ride. The times we ride depend on the season; we usually begin at 10am and end at 4 pm. But, we can likely accommodate you if you require an early or slightly later time, so long as you arrange in advance.

Are there age limits?           
     Yes, you must be 7 and older to participate in our trail rides. 

Do you use ponies for your pony rides?           
     No, we do not have ponies on the ranch. We believe that you judge a horse by its heart and not its size. You will find a full size horse waiting for you in the round pen.

How does a pony ride work?          
     We will place a horse in the round pen in front of the Buck Inn barn. We want your child to spend as much time on the horse as he/she wishes. To accomplish this, we now allow the parents/guardian to lead the child around on the horse. You are welcome to walk your little one around the round pen until he/she is done or you get tired. Please keep in mind, anyone under 18 must have a helmet on while on a horse.

Do I have to wear a helmet?           
     You do not have to wear a helmet if you are over the age of 18 and willing to sign a helmet waiver. And yes, we provide the helmets. 

Do you require a reservation?          
     Yes, for weekday rides, reservations are required.  You do not need a reservation to ride on the weekend, though we recommend one. If you do not have a reservation, you will need to wait for the next available horse which could be a couple of hours or the next day. This is especially true if you are with a large group, then a reservation is best.

Do you need a deposit for the horse reservations?           
     We require a credit card to keep a horse available for you during the time you requested. You have two hours before your scheduled ride to cancel or change your ride without being charged. Once you arrive, you are welcome to pay in any form you would like. 

Holler Hoppin' Zip Lines
My child is 59 pounds, can he still zip? 
      No, all participants must be between 60 and 275 pounds. We will weigh each and every participant that comes to zip. If they are not 60 pounds, they will not be able to participate and you will not receive a refund. The zip lines simply will not work properly if participants do not have the minimum weight.

How long is your longest zip line?
     The longest zip is a little over 300'. 

How tall is your tallest zip?
      It is called Holler Hoppin for a reason, you are zipping over the ravines (hollers) of the ranch property. The ground falls away from you as you zip and then returns when you land. The highest point in the middle is about 40'.

How many steps are there?
     If you are concerned with stairs or steps, we are concerned with your safety participating in this activity. Holler Hoppin' uses gravity and the participant applies the brakes. Gravity will slow you down but it is up to the participant to stop themselves by landing with their feet and taking a couple of steps to stop the momentum. We like to compare the landing with parachuting or jumping off of a swing. 

How much walking is involved? 
      Again, if you are concerned with walking any terrain we are concerned with your safety participating in the activity. There are short hikes between zips and you will walk up a slight incline. You also will be required to stand on your feet for periods of time as you are waiting for your turn on the zip. This wait could be on the ground or on a platform in a tree. 

Will I be charged when making the reservation?
     Maybe. When making a reservation, we are holding those spots on the zip tour just for you. We are turning other customers away. We use the credit card to hold your reservation. You have up to two hours before your scheduled zip to change or cancel your reservation without being charged. The zip tour will leave at the scheduled time, if you are more than 5 minutes late, we will charge the card. When you arrive, we accept credit card, cash or checks (with photocopy of id) as payments and your group can pay in any combination. We are not in the business of charging people when they do not participate and don’t like to do that, so please be mindful of this policy. It does not make us feel good to charge for people being late or not showing up but in order to properly run an appointment business, this is required. 


What do you provide in the tipi?
     We provide the tipi, the sand floor and a fire pit. This is primitive camping, so you are to supply everything else that you think you would need during an overnight stay during that season.

Sleeping on sand?
      We recommend bringing some form of a ground covering to put under your bedroll. We do not recommend covering the entire floor of the tipi with a tarp since rain will fall in the middle of the tipi on the fire ring. We recommend a tarp just bigger than your sleeping bag/blankets.

Can we have a fire in the tipi?
     Yes, that is one of the best features of a tipi. We must recommend using smaller pieces of wood. You will want flames and not larger logs that will smolder. The flames help create more heat which allow the smoke to draft through the smoke flaps better.

Do we need to bring our own wood?
     Yes, we do not supply wood for the tipis. You will need to bring your own.

Are there bugs?
       It is camping; there are bugs, critters and such. You are outdoors.


Can you swim at the ranch?           
     No, we do not allow swimming at the ranch. There are two ponds on the property for fishing and viewing, but we do not allow swimming. The Brown County State Park does have a wonderful public pool that all of our guests rave about and the local YMCA offers day passes to their indoor pool. We can provide you with the contact information if you desire.

Do you allow pets?         
     No. Due to our liability and investment with our horses, we cannot take the risk of allowing any other pet on the property. If you are discovered to have a pet, you will be charged $100 and asked to remove the animal from the premises.

Can someone with horse allergies stay at the ranch?            
     The Buck Inn has an air filtration unit that keeps most of the allergens from entering the Inn. The barn below is seldom used for horses and usually causes no problems for guests who are allergic. Keep in mind, though, that this is a guest ranch that is surrounded by horses and we cannot control the issues outside of the Inn and cannot guarantee that you will not feel effects while in the inn.

Do you allow alcohol?           
     Yes, though we are not allowed to distribute or provide it to you unless we have obtained a permit for a special event.  We have recently added the Dude String Saloon that will be open for private events and parties.

Will there be a bonfire or campfire?           
     We build the campfires for the guests at some point through the day. It is up to the guests to light and enjoy them. The wood is provided and near each campfire site. Guests of the Ranch House are responsible for building and lighting the fireplace.